Barbara (Send in Stewie, Please)

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For others named Barbara, see Barbara.
Barbara (Send in Stewie, Please).png
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hair color Brown
Occupation Aide to Cecil Pritchfield
Appearance "Send in Stewie, Please"

Barbara was an aide to child psychologist Cecil Pritchfield.

History[edit | edit source]

Barbara sent Stewie Griffin through to see Pritchfield. Stewie noted that he hoped she obtained the Adele tickets she was after, although he remarked to Pritchfield that Barbara needed to obtain said tickets "like a month" earlier. During the session, after Stewie is reduced to tears, Barbara gives him another box of tissues. When Pritchfield asked Stewie if he was alright, he replied by saying Barbara was a "gem" and that he hoped Pritchfield appreciated her.

Later, Pritchfield called out to Barbara as he was having a heart attack and Stewie refused to give him his medication. Stewie then asked Pritchfield if he had heard Barbara go out to lunch, likening it to "an orchestra of squeaky chair springs and groaning floorboards playing her out."[1]

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