Contract killer (The Marrying Kind)

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Contract killer (The Marrying Kind).png
Contract killer
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair color Blond
Occupation Contract killer
Appearance "The Marrying Kind"
Actor Unknown

The contract killer is an unnamed contract killer.

History[edit | edit source]

Father-and-son Chris and Peter Griffin posed as half-brothers from Sweden as a guise for eating the complimentary breakfast at Best Western Quahog. Soon after, the contract killer stated he was looking for two Finnish half-brothers who had different fathers. The brothers responded by greeting the man, who in turn shot them both dead with a silenced semi-automatic pistol. After committing the murders, the killer phoned an unidentified person to confirm the brothers' deaths, before leaving the hotel. Peter then stated to Chris: "This is why Sweden, Chris. Never Finland."[1]

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