Finnish half-brother (1)

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Not to be confused with his half-brother, Finnish half-brother (2).
Finnish half-brother (1).png
Finnish half-brother (1)
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Hair color Blond
Relations Unnamed half-brother
Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Appearance "The Marrying Kind"
Actor Unknown

The Finnish half-brother (1) was an unnamed man from Finland.

Background[edit | edit source]

The man, and his half-brother, were Finns who shared the same mother but had different fathers. At the time of their deaths, the men were eating breakfast at Best Western Quahog.

History[edit | edit source]

Father-and-son Chris and Peter Griffin posed as half-brothers from Sweden as a guise for eating the complimentary breakfast at Best Western Quahog. Soon after, an unnamed man stated he was looking for two Finnish half-brothers who had different fathers. The brothers responded by greeting the man, who in turn shot them both dead with a silenced semi-automatic pistol. After committing the murders, the killer phoned an unidentified person to confirm the brothers' deaths, before leaving the hotel. Peter then stated to Chris: "This is why Sweden, Chris. Never Finland."[1]

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