Girly Friendston

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Girly Friendston.png
Girly Friendston
Gender Female
Status Alive
Hair color Blonde
Relations Unnamed mother
Stewie Griffin (significant other)
Appearance "Big Trouble in Little Quahog"
Actor Mae Whitman

Girly Friendston posing with Stewie Griffin.

Girly Friendston is a girlfriend of Stewie Griffin.

History[edit | edit source]

After being shrunk to microscopic size, a flustered Stewie named his "hot girlfriend" as Girly Friendston, a name Brian interpreted as fake. A cutaway gag revealed Girly being told by her mother that her piano teacher had arrived. After asking her mother if she had to attend her lesson, Girly's mother told her to "stop mooning over that boyfriend" and insisted she do her lesson. As Girly reluctantly walked out of her room, a framed picture featuring her and Stewie was seen.[1]

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