Glenn Quagmire

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Glenn Quagmire.png
Glenn Quagmire
Gender Male
Status Alive
Full name Glenn Quagmire
Age 61[1]
Hair color Black
Occupation Pilot
U.S. naval officer (formerly)
Relatives Crystal Quagmire (mother)
Ida Davis (mother; formerly father)
Brenda Quagmire (sister)
Gary Quagmire (brother)
Joan Quagmire (wife; deceased)
Anna Lee Quagmire (daughter)
Abby (niece)
Unnamed (son; illegitimate)
Unnamed (son; illegitimate)
Unnamed (son; illegitimate)
Unnamed (twin daughters; illegitimate)
First appearance "Death Has a Shadow"
Voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Glenn Quagmire (born Glenn Quagglechek)[2], generally known mononymously as Quagmire, is the hypersexual, perverted neighbor of the Griffin family, living at 29 Spooner Street.


Glenn's personality has many facets. He usually acts jovial and friendly and has many legitimate friendships, but this only hides his darker side. Glenn is a convicted sexual offender whose had over 1000 sexual conquest in his life. He isn't above raping or manipulating women into sex, but is generally against sleeping with underrated women. Glenn also has some powerful fetishes, once nearly killing himself in a botched auto-erotic asphyxiation attempt. In spite of his heinous actions, Glenn has a caring, sincere side to him. He's close with his family, particularly his sister and his niece. He loves his sister enough to murder her abusive boyfriend. He's admitted that he loves Peter as a friend, enough to try and to stop physically lusting after Lois so Peter can be happy. When he learned that Joe was suicidal, Glenn was genuinely concerned and worried for him, dropping everything to try and help him through his depression and was very saddened when he believed Joe had killed himself. He's even shown to have a forgiving side, as he forgave the devil when he accidentally poked his eye out. Despite this, he absolutely loathes Brian Griffon for various reasons.