Glenn Quagmire

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Glenn Quagmire.png
Glenn Quagmire
Gender Male
Status Alive
Full name Glenn Quagmire
Age 61[1]
Hair color Black
Occupation Pilot
U.S. naval officer (formerly)
Relatives Crystal Quagmire (mother)
Ida Davis (mother; formerly father)
Brenda Quagmire (sister)
Gary Quagmire (brother)
Joan Quagmire (wife; deceased)
Anna Lee Quagmire (daughter)
Abby (niece)
Unnamed (son; illegitimate)
Unnamed (son; illegitimate)
Unnamed (son; illegitimate)
Unnamed (twin daughters; illegitimate)
First appearance "Death Has a Shadow"
Voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Glenn Quagmire (born Glenn Quagglechek)[2], generally known mononymously as Quagmire, is the hypersexual, perverted neighbor of the Griffin family, living at 29 Spooner Street.