Greased-Up Deaf Guy

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Greased-Up Deaf Guy.png
Greased-Up Deaf Guy
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair color Brown
First appearance "The Thin White Line"
Actor Mike Henry

The "Greased-Up Deaf Guy" is the name given to a man from Quahog who is covered in grease and is deaf.

History[edit | edit source]

Greased-Up Deaf Guy before the accident

When the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory hosted a picnic, one of the events held at the picnic required catching the Greased-Up Deaf Guy.[1]

Mort Goldman, equipped with a broomstick, once chased the Greased-Up Deaf Guy out of his pharmacy.[2]

After Brian unintentionally caused Stewie's time machine to reverse time, the inception of the Greased-Up Deaf Guy is revealed. When running late for a meeting on the day of Stewie's birth, the man walks past a grease truck that ultimately explodes. This leads the man to run away in agony as his clothes are incinerated and causes him to become deaf.[3]

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