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Jack Link's is an American snack company that produces beef jerky.

Family Guy advertisements in Australia[edit]


In 2017, Jack Link's in Australia hosted a competition with each winner receiving every season of Family Guy. To promote the event, the company advertised the the competition on their website and Facebook, as well as releasing a "Family Guy Limited Edition Pack", featuring Peter Griffin.[1]

On January 30, 2017, Jack Link's announced the fifty winners on their website.[2]

Jack Link's also began the hashtag, #Stewie4Jerky.

Quagmire's Jerky Tasting Party[edit]

Jack Link's hosted a competition on Facebook titled "Quagmire's Jerky Tasting Party". Another hashtag, #Quagmire4Jerky, was started. Instead of announcing a winner, Jack Link's "canceled" the "party" and gave away 500 free packs of beef jerky.[3]


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