Jennifer (Chitty Chitty Death Bang)

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Jennifer (Chitty Chitty Death Bang).png
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Hair color Red
Appearance "Chitty Chitty Death Bang"
Actor Rachael MacFarlane

Jennifer was a member of Heaven's Helpers Youth Cult and Meg Griffin's friend.

History[edit | edit source]

After Meg befriended Jennifer, she was invited to the mansion where Heaven's Helpers was based. While there, Jennifer made a lethal punch consisting of cyanide, arsenic, rat poison and a copy of Paul Reiser's book Couplehood, intended to be consumed by the group as part of a mass suicide. After Peter arrived at the group's headquarters and convinced Meg to return home to celebrate Stewie's first birthday, he also allowed the members of the group to join them at the party. Jennifer was among the group members that drank the poison as a toast, and died shortly thereafter.[1]

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