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Cecil Pritchfield was a British child psychologist.

A Londoner, Pritchfield was orphaned after his parents died during World War II. He later moved to the United States, settling in Quahog. There, he worked as a child psychologist for a preschool. He was married to Michael, a man several years his junior.

Pritchfield once served as Stewie Griffin's psychologist. Early in the session, Stewie spoke about how they both shared a British accent, to which Pritchfield claimed he did not hear, much to the annoyance of Stewie.

After looking at a photograph of Pritchfield and Michael while they were vacationing, Stewie began to dissect the couple's relationship in extreme detail, including correctly identifying the location in the picture, his husband's name, and Pritchfield's insecurities about being several years older than his husband. When the psychologist assessed Stewie to be "a very lonely little boy", Stewie began to sob and confirmed Pritchfield's evaluation.

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