Michael (Send in Stewie, Please)

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For others named Michael, see Michael.
Michael and Cecil Pritchfield.png
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair color Brown
Relations Cecil Pritchfield (husband; deceased)
Appearance "Send in Stewie, Please"
Actor Gary Janetti

Michael is Cecil Pritchfield's widowed husband.


Michael pictured on his husband's desk

Michael was married to Pritchfield, who was 26 years his senior. After looking at a photograph of Pritchfield and Michael while they were vacationing in Rio de Janeiro, Stewie Griffin dissected the couple's relationship in extreme detail, including correctly identifying the location in the picture, Michael's name and Pritchfield's insecurities about being older than his husband. Pritchfield also took medication for a heart condition, which he kept a secret from Michael.

When Pritchfield had a heart attack and Stewie allowed him to die by not grabbing his medication, Pritchfield, realizing his fate, clutched the picture of him and Michael, and began to recite William Shakespeare. Shortly after he died, Michael left Pritchfield a message on his answering machine, announcing his intent to divorce. Upon this, Stewie remarked to Pritchfield's corpse: "This is not your day."[1]


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