Mr. Siegel

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Mr. Siegel.png
Mr. Siegel
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Hair color Gray
Relations Mrs. Siegel (wife)
Appearance "Gronkowsbees"

Mr. Siegel was an elderly woman who lived in the house behind 31 Spooner Street.

History[edit | edit source]

When Peter's drone became on Mr. Siegel's roof, Peter, accompanied by Joe, Cleveland and Quagmire, went to Mr. Siegel's residence in order to retrieve the drone. After Quagmire noticed a pile of uncollected mail at the house, Peter peeked through the living room window to find Siegel dead. His pet cat had eaten the face and earlobes of his corpse.

After his body was discovered, the Gronkowski family moved into his former residence.[1]

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