Mr. Taylor

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Not to be confused with Mr. Taylor (Ready, Willing and Disabled).
Mr. Taylor (I Never Met the Dead Man).png
Mr. Taylor
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair color Gray (later brown)
Occupation Teacher at James Woods Regional High School
First appearance "I Never Met the Dead Man"
Mentioned "Peter-Assment"
Last appearance "Fifteen Minutes of Shame"
Actor Joey Slotnick
Seth MacFarlane

Mr. Taylor is a teacher at James Woods Regional High School.

History[edit | edit source]

Peter lied to an angry mob that it was his daughter Meg had crashed into Quahog's cable television transmitter. After he told her that it wasn't the first time he had embarrassed her, a cutaway gag revealed Peter interrupting Meg's class, as her teacher taught mathematics, to ask her to clean the shower after she shaved in future.[1]

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