Peter: Best Bits Uncovered

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Peter Best Bits Uncovered (region 2).png
Peter: Best Bits Uncovered
Series Family Guy
Distributor 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
First released October 20, 2008
Discs 1
Episode count 4
Runtime 87 minutes (approximately)
Extras Digital copy (region 2)
Ringtone (region 2)

Family Guy Presents: Peter: Best Bits Uncovered is a single-disc DVD release featuring four selected Peter Griffin-focused episodes of Family Guy. It was originally released on October 20, 2008, in the United Kingdom. It was later released in Australia on May 22, 2013, exclusive to retailer Sanity.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Get in touch with your inner Family Guy with four freakin' awesome episodes, hand-picked by the show's creator for maximum irreverence and outright outrageousness! You'll see Peter form an independent country, go undercover as a hip high school student, lobby Congress on behalf of the tobacco industry, and start his own TV station featuring programs (as nature intended.) Laughs don't get any fatter than this!"

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Release date by region[edit | edit source]

Region 1 (United States and Canada) Region 2 (United Kingdom) Region 4 (Australia)
October 20, 2008 May 22, 2013 (Sanity)

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