Peter Griffin Jr.

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Peter Griffin Jr..png
Peter Griffin Jr.
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Full name Peter Löwenbräu Griffin Jr.
Relations Peter Griffin (father)
Lois Griffin (mother)
Meg Griffin (sister)
Chris Griffin (brother)
Stewie Griffin (brother)
Tmas Griffin (brother)
Dave Griffin (brother)
Bertram (half-brother)
Griffin family
Pewterschmidt family
Appearance "The Juice Is Loose!"

Peter Löwenbräu Griffin Jr. was Peter and Lois Griffin's son that died in early childhood.

History[edit | edit source]

When Lois tasked Peter Sr. with babysitting Stewie, she told him that she did not want what occurred last time he babysat one of their children to happen again. A cutaway gag/flashback then showed Peter Sr. comforting and apologizing to a distraught Lois at Peter Jr.'s recently buried gravesite. He told Lois that he thought Peter Jr. would eventually stop crying if he "shook him enough." After a brief pause, Peter Sr. stated that he "was kinda right."[1]

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