Rob Berler

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Rob Berler.png
Rob Berler
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair color Brown or black
Occupation Teacher at James Woods Regional High School
Relations Mrs. Berler (wife)
First appearance "Let's Go to the Hop"
Last appearance "The Simpsons Guy"
Actor Seth MacFarlane

Rob Berler[1] is a teacher at James Woods Regional High School, where Meg Griffin is among his pupils. Berler is stern and opinionated, and is often seen wearing glasses.

History[edit | edit source]

Meg protecting Berler from vampires

When Berler saw Meg interacting with the school's "popular clique", he instructed her to move along and subsequently expressed his shame at the group for getting Meg's "hopes up".[2]

As Berler has a fear of vampires, he once had Meg watch over him until sunrise as he slept equipped with onions and a wooden Christian cross. Berler thanked Meg and gave her the upcoming biology test answers for fulfilling this task.[3]

Berler disagreed with Neil Goldman's class presentation on Star Trek, and stated that his belief that the franchise's superior officer was Jean-Luc Picard, not James T. Kirk.[4]

After Berler ignored Peter's call for assistance after locking himself in his own car, Peter said to Berler: "Oh, screw you!".[5]

Berler inadvertently showed his class a sex tape he had made with his wife, in which he was seen sporting women's lingerie. Later, after Sarah suggested Meg be her lab partner, Berler responded: "Sarah, that's very irresponsible. Meg is awful."[1]

Berler attended the Duff Beer v. Pawtucket Patriot Ale trial at Springfield County Courthouse.[6]

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  • Berler's hair color has been seen as both brown and black.

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