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Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair color Red
Occupation Saxophonist
Appearance "The Lois Quagmire"
Actor John Viener

The saxophonist is an unnamed saxophonist in Newport, Rhode Island.

History[edit | edit source]

Posing as Lois' husband at her high school reunion, Quagmire walked onstage while a band was mid-performance and took the saxophonist's instrument to play his own solo. After this impressed Lois' high school classmates, the annoyed saxophonist soon asked Quagmire if he could also "upstage" him at his job. A cutaway gag then showed the pair in an airplane cockpit, with the saxophonist telling passengers over a loud speaker that they can do as the please, including not wear their seatbelts. After the passengers cheered and applauded, Quagmire conceded: "Now I get it. I'm sorry I played your saxophone."[1]

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