Vagina Prick

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Vagina Prick
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relations Harold Prick (husband; deceased)
Special Up Late with Stewie & Brian

Vagina Prick is a resident of Charleston, South Carolina.

History[edit | edit source]

According to Stewie, as part of his segment "Funny Obits" for his late-night talk show Up Late with Stewie & Brian, Prick's late husband's obituary stated: "Harold Prick, aged 84, of Charleston, South Carolina. Survived by his wife, Vagina Prick." After Stewie mentioned he doubted the obituary's authenticity, his sidekick Brian remarked that he hoped Prick's widow didn't marry George W. Bush, then president of the United States, jokingly implying her remarried name would be "Vagina Bush".[1]

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