Cecil Pritchfield

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Cecil Pritchfield
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Age 70s
Hair color Gray (formerly blond)
Occupation Child psychologist
Relations Michael (husband)
Unnamed parents (deceased)
Unnamed aunt
Unnamed distant cousin
First appearance "Send in Stewie, Please"
Last appearance "Coma Guy"
Actor Ian McKellen

Cecil Pritchfield was a British child psychologist.


Pritchfield as a child


Originally from London, Pritchfield was the sole survivor of his immediate family who died during the Blitz. As an orphan, he was soon sent to live with an unnamed aunt from Cornwall, and later with an unnamed distant cousin from Northumberland. He was eventually accepted into a Gloucestershire orphanage after numerous attempts. There, he befriended several fellow orphaned children. At some point in his life, he moved to the United States, settling in Quahog, where he had a career as a child psychologist at a preschool. He also had an interest in the works of William Shakespeare.

Pritchfield was openly gay. He claimed to have had his first kiss with a Nazi. He later married his husband Michael, who is several years his junior. He also took medication for a heart condition, which he kept a secret from his husband.[1]


Michael and Cecil Pritchfield

Pritchfield's aide Barbara sent Stewie Griffin through to see him. Early in the session, Stewie spoke about how they both shared a British accent, to which Pritchfield claimed he did not hear, much to the annoyance of Stewie. After looking at a photograph of Pritchfield and Michael while they were vacationing in Rio de Janeiro, Stewie began to dissect the couple's relationship in extreme detail, including correctly identifying the location in the picture, his husband's name, and Pritchfield's insecurities about being several years older than his husband. When the psychologist assessed Stewie to be "a very lonely little boy", Stewie began to sob and confirmed Pritchfield's evaluation. During the session, Stewie also revealed that he is confident being heterosexual and sings "Alexander Hamilton" for Pritchfield.

Pritchfield and Stewie

When Pritchfield offered Stewie tea, he delightfully accepted. Pritchfield spoke of his childhood as an orphan during World War II. When he asked Stewie if he had ever thought of being his real self, Stewie revealed that he actually has an American accent, and that his British accent was part of his "carefully constructed persona". When making plans to be a "normal boy", Pritchfield remarked that Stewie will be just like everybody else, which causes Stewie to reconsider.

Soon after, when Pritchfield started to have a heart attack, he asked Stewie to grab his medication. After consideration, Stewie refused to help Pritchfield on the basis of him knowing about his real voice. When Pritchfield called out for assistance from his aide, Stewie informs him that she had left for lunch earlier. Realizing his fate, Pritchfield clutched the picture of him and Michael, and began reciting Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. When Stewie asked if he was quoting Macbeth, Pritchfield corrected Stewie and, in his dying breath, stated: "But I wouldn't expect you to know, since you're not in any way British." Shortly after he died, Michael left Pritchfield a message on his answering machine, announcing his intent to divorce. Upon this, Stewie remarked to Pritchfield's corpse: "This is not your day."

Later on, Stewie revealed to Brian that he "did something awful", indicating some regret for what had transpired earlier that day. However, Stewie did not wish to elaborate further.[1]

During a hallucination when Peter Griffin was comatose, Pritchfield was seen on a cruise ship in the Panama Canal.[2]



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